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Saturday, November 18, 2017



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The average cost to launch a Space Shuttle is about $450 million per mission. That would provide 75,911 children food and education from age 5 to 18 through Compassion International.

Now don't get me wrong.  NASA and many shuttle missions are reponsible for a lot of research that has led to a greater quality of life for the whole globe.  Drug research has saved countless lives because of these missions.  Not to mention the satalites orbiting our globe are responsible for educating the world with this very message you are reading right now.  The fact is I'm not so much picking on NASA as much as I am making a point about how many resources we have to better our world, help the helpless, feed the hungry and educate those that cannot afford to get an education. 

Perhaps there are some things you can cut back in your life to afford the $30.00 a month it would take to profoundly change a person's life.  It has been a privledge to sponsor a child for the past 10 years and also be able to meet sponsored children and their families on the recieving end of Compassion International's work.  Christ has shown us how to live a more fullfilling life through loving others.  I pray that everyone can experience this joy in their lives.

Paul Tietjen
100 White Flags 

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